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Ar'Table 'ALEXIA'


Side table

A wrought iron table always brings style and a distinctive cachet to the room in which it is placed.
Its overall shape and the perceived lightness of its elegant structure in contrast to its actual material strength give the table its intrinsic beauty.
The addition of a glass tablet laid on the metal structure adds depth whilst providing a special transparency that reveals the exceptional details beneath.

Textures, colours, artistic compositions also deserve to be admired from an angle different to the usual vertical position. Why not a horizontal eye-catching setting?

Nature & Forge reveals its new concept: the Ar'Table.
It consists in taking advantage of the thick glass transparency, the elegance and strength of wrought iron as a framework in which to insert an artwork combining textures, materials and enchanting tones.

This is how we conceived the very first Ar'Table 'ELENA' with an original artwork by Françoise Gerlache that you can admire below.

table with artwork

Each Ar'Table is unique through its handcrafted shaping and the distinctive and exclusive artwork inserted in its framework. Hence, you will NEVER find a Nature & Forge Ar'Table identical to yours anywhere in the world!

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Ar'Table 'ELENA'

Anne Feller's artwork integrated in a Nature & Forge Ar'Table

6 Seater dining table

certified craft


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